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About us

As we were thinking about how we could improve the world as a company, we agreed on the aspect of sustainability. Our common interest in sports brought us to looking for deficiencies in this section. Here we noticed the disposal of sports equipment, which is a burden on the environment. Exactly because of that we gave ourselfs the task to counter this problem. The result of this are unique bags and pencil cases that you cannot find anywhere else.

Bei Ballaurent handelt es sich um ein Junior-Schülerunternehmen. Drücken Sie den folgenden Button, um sich mehr dazu informieren zu können.

What makes us special

Our aim as a company is to provide the highest possible quality to our customers. This is the reason we tried to use nothing but the highest-quality balls, the greatest producers and the finest bands; and this since the absolute beginning of our project. As a company that focuses on the customer, we offer only the best for them. We always react to your wishes, criticism and suggestions. Despite all of this, it always was important for us to have a fair pricing policy - we want the best compromise between customer and company.

Ballaurent ist ein professionelles und hochwertiges Unternehmen, das dennoch eine sehr starke Kundennähe und -Verbundenheit besitzt.

Ballaurent is always focused on producing sustainably.

Our products are 100% sustainable.

Keep ballin' & follow us!

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