About us

The origin of the products

It was clear to us from the very beginning that our products should be sustainable, as environmental protection is more important than ever in today's world. Therefore, we have always made sure that anything is sustainable, our business idea, the selection of our producers and the shipping. The Fugger pencil cases come from a local tailor, our products made from footballs are from a regional cobbler. The focus here was on resource-saving production at a fair price that nevertheless does not leave too big a hole in the customer's wallet.

JUNIOR company

Ballaurent is a JUNIOR student company. The JUNIOR programmes are offered by the "Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln JUNIOR gemeinnützige GmbH". The JUNIOR programs are funded at the federal level by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the "Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft, Gesamtmetall", the Deloitte Foundation, AXA, Citigroup and AT&T. 

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